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Are you unhappy with the way your lawn looks? Or perhaps, you're frustrated with expensive lawn care products? Lawnfather LLC is an independently owned lawn care company providing lawn treatment services in [service areas]. We provide an expert service covering all aspects of lawn care to provide our customers with beautiful lawns. Our services include Mowing, Landscaping, Digital Design, and Property Cleanups. Our website offers you up to date reviews from customers, photos of our work and details of the services we provide.

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William (The Lawnfather), just finished a large scale project in our back yard that other contractors didn’t even want to take on due to access restrictions. This included a 60 ft long decorative retaining wall. Bankrolling with 36 yrs of limestone. Also clearing out all the overgrowth from the woods behind our house and installing 1000 sg. Ft. Of rescue sod on the other side of our yard. It came out beautifully and our yard is now much more functional and enjoyable. Thanks William, your the best!

Steve B., Customer

Mr. Dickerson was very attentive to our needs for our lawn and gave us good quality work for the money. He even did the work on a Sunday because of the weather on that following Monday. He cared about that. He also kept us informed about what he was going to do. I always reward good customer service and appreciate a person that keeps their word. Thank you Lawn Father!!!!

Naomi O., Dayton, OH

He did an excellent job. He was prompt, came out took pictures, provided a design in 3 days, got the quote to me right on time, zero complaints.

Lynita B., Dayton, OH

He has done a great job on our lawn and helped with our snow.

Kelly X.,